About Me


Artist. California Girl. Married to my BFF. Pug mom. Feminist. Vegetarian. Oil Painter. Indie Folk Music. Neat Freak. Hiking. Beach. Netflix. Roses. Germaphobe. Sunsets. Cupcakes. Coffee. Farms. Lady Gaga. Family. Warm Weather. Sunscreen. Doc Martens. Romantic Comedies. Love Stories. 

Thank you for taking time to look at my photography! I am a wedding & boudoir photographer from Northern California now living in Detroit,  Michigan. I love oil painting, animals, and the outdoors.

I am a photographer for the romantic who values the art of photography and story telling. I am inspired by nature and like to bring elements of the natural environment into each wedding and engagement.

I will capture your true love, the unique details, the complicated and simple moments, and everything in-between as I take a documentary approach to capture your perfect day. There is nothing I love more than warm photographs filled with bouquets, sunlight, and beautiful landscapes. My ideal couple has non-traditional elements in their wedding that reflect their own unique love story. 



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